File upload services for developers

This is a listing of file upload services for developers. They typically provide a front-end JavaScript module to embed the uploader on your site and a back-end service to receive the uploads.  Some will also provide workflow and image processing services

    • URL based image transforms including crop, resize, compress, etc.
    • AI tagging, object regonition, OCR
    • Store files on multiple services including S3
    • Upload modal or dropzone
    • Upload from device, Link, web search, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
    • Image transforms including crop, rotate, resize, etc
    • Import/export to multiple services including S3
    • Face detection
    • Custom workflows using JSON
    • protocol to resume uploads
    • Uses and created Uppy as the client side uploader
    • URL based transforms including crop, resize, rotate, text, shadow, etc.
    • Face detection
    • Upload modal or dropzone
    • Upload notifications
    • Third party upload sources including Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram
    • Can store to S3
    • Workflows
    • Image operations including sharpen, crop, size, rotating, filters, etc.
    • Face recognition
    • Custom storage options including S3
    • Select file or drag and drop
    • Upload widget configuration page
    • Use your cloud storage
    • Minimal upload widget
    • Basic upload service

Alternatively, you can use one of these JavaScript modules and build your own back-end to handle uploads or use AWS S3 with a Gateway-Lambda setup to sign upload requests.

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