Senario NRG MicroFly RC Hovering UFO

I like RC toys, particularly those that fly, so when I saw the MicroFly I knew I had to have one… and another four as Christmas gifts for my family. I usually embrace the opportunity purchase toys for my younger nephews that make noise, launch projectiles or fly around so this was a rather obvious purchase. I am sure my sister will make sure I pay for this dearly some day. Anyway, the Alien Microfly can be had from Amazon for under $25.

It has no directional capability so you only have one channel, up and down. Although much of it is made of foam it very durable for its weight. I have bounced it off many walls and it still keeps going. The cats have even tried to eat it a few times without success. (they are still trying to decide if it is predator or prey) It take 6 AA batteries for the IR transmitter and the MicroFly UFO charges off the transmitter in about 15-20 minutes. An even 4 or 8 double AA batteries would have been nice since my AA charger takes 4 batteries at a time but it works.

Jen was nice enough to shoot a little video where I demonstrate my poor piloting skills.

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