Photo Upper

Update 11/19/2021

Photo Upper was announced a winner of the MuleSoft Hackathon “Communications, Media and Technology Special Mention” on Woohoo! Here is the demo video:

Original story

I recently built a little web app called Photo Upper as my entry for the 2021 Mulesoft Hackathon. Photo Upper is a virtual event photo booth built on Mulesoft Anypoint flows invoking AWS Lambda functions.

Event attendees (I.e., a wedding or party) are given a URL or QR code they can scan with their phone to quickly launch the Photo Upper web page. They can then upload photos from their mobile devices using their camera directly or from their existing photos. Their photos are then viewable in the event gallery where all the event attendees can see them. Photos are shown in chronological order with the latest on top so you can see a full timeline of photos from the event. Users’ can do all of this without installing an app.

In the past, I have used Amazon’s API Gateway service to provide API endpoints and invoke AWS Lambda functions. For this project, I used AnyPoint Studio to build the API endpoints and hosted them in Mulesoft’s CloudHub. Anypoint studio provides AWS Lambda function connectors that I used to invoke the Lambda functions in this project. The Lambda functions handle getting a signed URL for upload to AWS S3, processing the images, and getting an image list for the gallery view.

Check out my submission and demo video on

My code can be found here out on GitHub: