Review: Lego 6211 Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer

Jen gave me the Lego 6211 Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer for Christmas and I finished building it over the following week.

The build is pretty easy (even for a 35 year old) and a lot fun. The kit comes in over 1300 parts so you really feel like your building something and not just putting a couple halves together. The parts come in numbered bags that correspond to the numbered sections in the instructions. There are often multiple bags with the same number for a single section. Lego included a few extras of the tiniest parts that tend to get lost in the carpet.

There are only a couple downsides to the kit. The two “laser blasters” that launch projectiles work by you just quickly depressing the launch button that drives a wedge piece behind the projectile to push it out. This is kind of silly to me and I think the kit would have been better if they were just static elements in my opinion.

The other negative was the capsule that goes inside. It is assembled by connecting two specially molded pieces together. I don’t like this kind of Lego construction and would have preferred it if they just left it out or designed it to build from smaller, standard Lego pieces.

I put together a list of pros and cons:


  • Over 1300 parts so it will keep you building for a bit.
  • Numbered bags.
  • Spare tiny pieces.
  • Looks great!
  • It’s big. About 23 inches long.


  • The laser blasters that shoot projectiles are kind of cheesy.
  • The capsule that goes inside is mostly just two halves that go together.
  • Doesn’t shoot real bolts of green light. 😉

Build gallery

I took some pictures while my Imperial Star Destroyer was under construction:


I felt the kit would have been better if they included lights and a small universe. Fortunately, I was able to accomplish this with a small string of Christmas lights, a telescope photo of the stars, black velvet, and a little Photoshop magic:


I easily give this kit 5 out of 5 stars. It was fun to build and looks great.


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Hey Mark,

Great Review! I’ve ordered this kit off eBay for my son for christmas. He saw it in a lego booklet included in another star wars kit, but lego didn’t tell us it was discontinued,lol… Now he wants it for christmas.

I notice there are other pictures of the 6211 kit around showing two different vehicles, are these ones you can make with the same kit or different altogether?


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